Site in reconstruction

Michel Bayard


Urban pinhole and polaroïds photogrpaher.

Available on a permanent basis at the gallery in the dark room

Ozan Berke


Grpahic Designer usually creating city and country maps (USA, Brussels, Berlin, Italy, Luxembourg, Praha, Budapest, Tokyo, ...)

Boris Mestchersky


Paintings & monotypes on paper available at the gallery.

Next solo show; October 2015

Anthony Oliver


Paintings & works on paper available at the gallery on a permanent basis

Next solo show: October 2015

Kevin Marcell


Street Artist - silkscreenprints, stencils and graffits on maps, cardboards etc available

Next solo show: summer 2015

Clyde Knowland


Street Artist - spray and other techniqes on canevas, urban sculptors.

Next solo show: summer 2015

Didier de Radiguès


Images of landscape, people and artworks tributes.


First solo show with the gallery.

To be determined


soon new site... new name... and more, in the meantime still busy:

Atelier d'artistes - art gallery is happy to present


"A Fantastic Illusion :

Deconstructing the Aesthetic of Forms"


Boris Mestchersky

Nov. 27 - Jan 08



KL - 2015


The gallery will be present at the 2015 edition of the Kölner Liste, the off fair of Art Cologne.

François van Bastelaer


Photographic paintigs - recent works


May 7 - June 7 2015.

Olivier Detroz


Urban and field totems and paintings


First solo show with the gallery June 2015


Ceci n'est pas de la peinture - This is not painting

by F. van Bastelaer

Photo of the show - still available

Permanent artists with the gallery


Thursday to Saturday

10am to 6pm



1st Sunday of the month (unless rain).

11am to 6pm


Rue Saint Jean - 33 - Sint Jansstraat

b-1000 Brussels


+32 477 597 427

+32 (0)250 321 45

Private view by appointment

Contact G. Bonny for more details.

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